As a user of RoboHelp Server for a number of years I have found it to be a very useful addition to our technical communication toolbox. Not only can it be used to track your user’s usage of your output, with some thought it can be used to improve your product’s UI. Whilst we are still using version …
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A recent article written by Scottish technical writing company Doc Department caught my eye this week. In it they define technical documentation as, “documentation that describes how a product or service operates.” User documentation is defined as, “documentation for a product or service provided to the end users” designed to assist them to use it. These definitions …
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“I hate FrameMaker.” This was the frustrated exclamation uttered from one user this morning in our office. It started a conversation, not instigated by me, about the alternatives. The central point being made was that Microsoft Word would be even worse. With our requirements this is almost certainly true, but that argument does nothing to …
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I was asked to comment on an internal document yesterday. Nothing new there, but the document’s content was out of the ordinary. It listed the non-functional requirements for one of our applications. Amongst the statements were what was expected in terms of the product’s scalability and performance. The objective was that if we listed what was …
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I am often contacted by people asking my advice on technical communication product usage, but also more general matters. I welcome such contact even though I may not always be able to help. One example that demonstrates this perfectly came earlier this week.

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